“Phenomenal” Breastfeeding-Friendly Move by Kaiser

This last year the American media has had a heyday with breastfeeding stories. Stories have featured women who have been asked to stop breastfeeding their babies in public and subsequent nurse-ins, debated controversial images of breastfeeding, fanned the flames of ignorance about state laws that support breastfeeding in public, and much more.

You might not know it, but there also has been progress this year in terms of creating a more breastfeeding-friendly world. In fact, a recent piece of news is so impressive, it’s been lauded by Dr. Richard Schanler, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ breastfeeding section, as “phenomenal” and “astronomical.”

I was thrilled to receive the below message in my email inbox recently, from MomsRising.org, which celebrates Kaiser Permanente for taking a much-needed leadership step forward: Continue reading