Breastfeeding Bliss: A Photo Celebration

This week Breastfeeding Blog Hoppers are discussing how they are doing in terms of their breastfeeding goals. This post is part of the weekly Breastfeeding Blog Hop, hosted by The Slacker Mom, and co-hosted by The Gnome’s Mom and Happiness Redefined. Please visit The Slacker Mom to see the linky list and read everyone’s entries, as can’t show it here.

I am blessed with a dreamy breastfeeding situation right now. I’m at the point where we’re on cruise control. Baby is nearly two years old and nurses a few times a day and generally not at night. Breastfeeding bliss!

This is my third and, as far as I know, final baby, so I am enjoying my reality, finding meditative moments in our quiet nursing sessions, aware that the breastfeeding chapter of my life is nearing its end. So my personal breastfeeding goal is to continue meeting my baby’s nursing needs and enjoy every moment left! Here are some of my favorite pictures of my babies breastfeeding that capture some of our breastfeeding bliss over the years.

Baby after blissful breastfeeding

Once baby night-weaned, I found I had a bit of additional energy to focus on a long-dormant breastfeeding goal – breathing new life into Breastfeeding Friendly as a means to support other women and their babies. My goals for the blog?

  • To gradually add content, ideally adding interviews and resources to celebrate breastfeeding-friendly efforts or spotlight where change is needed;
  • To make the blog’s look and feel more attractive and dynamic; and
  • To attract and engage a community that together is more effective in creating a more breastfeeding-friendly reality for mamas.

I’m really lucky to not need any personal support with my breastfeeding experience right now, but honestly could use your help with Breastfeeding Friendly. How?

  • Enjoy your visit here! Join the community by commenting, signing up for updates, and sharing your thoughts on the posts, great breastfeeding-friendly stories and resources, and technical/aesthetic tips.
  • Then hop on over to Breastfeeding Friendly on Facebook and “Like” it! Any and all help spreading the word is appreciated! Share! Repost! Tweet! Sing about it at the grocery store! Paint in on your car! Anything you like!

Thank you so much! With your help I bet we can build a community that supports efforts to create a more breastfeeding-friendly world.

In the mean time, be sure to follow the link at the top of this post to enjoy
the personal stories on the other blogs in the blog hop! And please share your thoughts: What are some of your breastfeeding goals and what would help you achieve them?

(All photos property of Breastfeeding Friendly and may not be used without our permission, with the exception of a featured image appearing when you share it on your blog, via facebook, etc. Special thanks to Jen Fariello for the first two and last picture in this post.)


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