What’s the big deal?

Welcome, Breastfeeding Blog Hop readers! Here is my contribution to this week’s hop, hosted by the Slacker Mom (see links to everyone’s submissions at the bottom of hers), The Gnome’s Mom, and Happiness Redefined. The topic this week is a free-for-all.

After a four-year hiatus from my 1-day foray into blogging, I am coming out of early retirement to share this breaking news:

My 1-year-old just doesn’t get what the big deal is! Why are people (the tall sort – you know, over 36 inches or so) all in a tizzy about breastfeeding in public or in uniform or on a magazine cover or whatever?

Baby-boo, as he’s sometimes known around here, climbed into my lap this morning. His eyes curiously roved the laptop in front of me. His finger pointed at the child nursing from Jamie Lynne Grumet’s breast on the cover of Time, and he exclaimed, “Baby!” A big smile spread across his face.

“Baby! Baby!”

He was delighted to recognize one of his own.

I was amazed. I clarified, “Is that a baby or a big boy?” I figured he’s fascinated with his two big brothers – ages 5 and 8 – and everything that goes with their territory, from Legos to doing “stand-up” pee-pee. He ought to recognize a big boy.

“Baby!” he repeated emphatically.

I tried it a couple other ways and he insisted each time, “Baby!”

Ok. Let’s try another question.

“What is baby doing?”

“Holding mama.” He slowly nodded his sweet head as he spoke, to underline that he knew what he was talking about.

Holding mama is his way of saying mama is holding baby. I tried again and again. He never said “having la” – our way of saying nursing. Hmmm. Interesting.

So, there you have it. From the eyes of a still-nursing 22-month-old comes the truth:

A three-, almost four-year-old boy nursing or cuddling (I know, a stretch for that staged photo) with his mama, is just another baby to my baby. Camo and unnatural pose aside, this boy just looked like another baby in his eyes.

Oh, and it didn’t really look like nursing to him. Just a cuddle. I love how purely my baby sees the world, unable to throw a tantrum over Time’s cover photo that has offended so many.

Maybe it’s because nursing is just so darn natural for him. The photo didn’t even register as strange to him.

As a new mompreneur, I’m learning that the average person has to see a brand seven times before they will make a purchase. If that’s true with breastfeeding, perhaps we’ll look back at Time’s cover and realize that it did more to normalize breastfeeding than anything else so far this millennium. There sure have been a lot of eyes on a breastfeeding mom and her baby. If nothing else, perhaps the over-the-top cover will help eyes that might otherwise have been offended by honest, unstaged public breastfeeding moments see them as they truly are: simply natural.


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