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Dear Reader(s),

As you may have noticed, I started this blog in 2008 and have entered nothing since the day it went live. I think I did mention “gradually” adding to it. Let’s remember, many good things happen only once every four years: the Olympics and Leap Year for example!

Now to explain: A colorful and challenging string of life’s adventures has held higher priority in my life the last four years than growing and maintaining a blog. It’s funny (to me) that this is a blog, because at the time I set it up, all I was really looking to do was get a copy of my letter to Pottery Barn regarding the mistreatment I received while breastfeeding in one of their stores out on the internet. I had numerous requests from other breastfeeding moms for the letter after the article about my experience ran in Mothering magazine and thought it’d save us all time to put the letter out there.

Anyhow, back to 2008. Quick research on the best way to get the letter out there resulted in me setting up a free WordPress blog. Blog? I hadn’t planned to blog. At the least the letter would be available to the world. Blog? Huh. What would I write about or feature? How could I use the blog to have a positive impact on the breastfeeding landscape? Blog? Maybe… So, I started with a couple basic entries.

And then my 20-month-old lobbed a matchbox car at my laptop screen. Crack! It shattered just enough to leave a nasty splotch across the screen, but not enough to break it completely. It started off small enough that I justified keeping the laptop, especially after learning that fixing the screen cost the same as replacing the computer (something that wasn’t in our budget right then – remember what happened to the economy in Fall 2008?). So, I struggled with what I had, meeting paid-work writing deadlines first.

I also got the point my toddler had sent. “Mama, don’t look at that mind-numbing, attention-grabbing gadget while I’m around, awake, and so terribly cute!” While he didn’t have the words to express all of that, his five-year-old brother did. And he clarified this point with me on more than one occasion, even whilst fully in pirate persona, swinging a sword at me to get my attention. I think that’s when I let the message sink in, read up more on simplicity parenting, and tried to live more mindfully. Or at least learn to walk, talk, and fight like a pirate.

Fast forward past a blur of night-nursing sleep deprivation, a pregnancy, a move to a bigger home for our growing family, a loss of that pregnancy farther along than I ever would have imagined, water damage that temporarily forced us out of our new home, another pregnancy, a strong need to sleep A LOT during that pregnancy, the wonderful albeit exhausting introduction of our third baby in this world, accentuated by his flip-into-transverse-position-while-breaking-my-water stunt (that may have saved his life, but resulted in a c-section that took a while to recover from), and launching an online business with my husband.

You get the idea. Here I am, my mind coming back into focus (or partial focus) on this topic after a wonderfully-full four years. I am ready to share a bit more, hopefully help someone along the way, and definitely be inspired by others out there.

I am loving nursing my third baby. This July marks nine years since I first put one of my babies to the breast. It feels like yesterday and yet a million miles away. It was at once the strangest thing ever (mainly because of the crowd of nurses and midwives barraging me with instructions and pushing baby’s mouth onto my nipple) and the most natural (once he was latched on and everyone calmed down, I finally experienced what breasts were created for).

While I’ve been able to do a little here and there (think local breastfeeding awareness stuff, signing online petitions, writing legislators) with regards to promoting breastfeeding since 2008, it has been precious little compared to what I have had in my heart to do. Mostly, I have just kept breastfeeding my babies, wherever I may be. Hopefully, I can give back a little more these next four years to help create a more breastfeeding-friendly world!


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