Breastfeeding in Public – Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

No doubt you’ve noticed recent images of women breastfeeding on the newsstands or on your computer. Time magazine’s May 12, 2012, cover of a woman breastfeeding her preschooler and the more recent pictures of two women in military uniforms breastfeeding their babies have triggered a loud discussion.

Whatever your stance on breastfeeding, child-led weaning, breastfeeding in uniform/on the job, breastfeeding as depicted by the media and ad campaigns, etc., there is one thing no one can argue: we’re seeing mothers breastfeeding their young and we’re discussing it. Heck, we’re even seeing a mother breastfeeding twins! Breastfeeding is on the public map and that is a very good thing. The more opportunities we have to discuss nature’s design for human survival and how to facilitate that, the better off we’ll be as a species.

Here are a few of my favorites items on the recent news flurry over breastfeeding:

Jamie Lynne Grumet, Breastfeeding Mom On ‘TIME Magazine’ Cover, Illustrates Attachment Parenting

* Forget Breastfeeding in Public…What About in Uniform?

* Backlash in the comments to this post demonstrates how much mothers want to have the space to parent without criticism

* A Man’s Perspective on Breastfeeding In Public (thanks to Cynthia for this lead)

* Statuary of Hope breastfeeding Cupid (an inspiration for the Time cover? thanks to Sarah R for the heads-up on this one)

… and then there is this, which I love, love, love! Facebook’s recent change of policy to support pictures of breastfeeding women helps normalize breastfeeding.

* Breastfeeding Advocates Protest Facebook With Nurse-In

(Note: Facebook continues to delete pictures of breastfeeding babies. Apparently their policy implementation is problematic.)

What are your favorites?


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