Welcome to Breastfeeding Friendly

I dream of our world being breastfeeding friendly. I dream of attitudes, policies, support, resources, and smiling faces surrounding every mama caring for her baby.

I dream of support as simple as a book from a friend, an example set by a confident nursing woman at the store, or a word of support from a relative. In a breastfeeding-friendly world, I imagine a pregnant woman’s path toward motherhood might include breastfeeding classes and discussions with her health care providers about what to expect during that first nursing session. Following the baby’s birth, I envision it might include a husband’s loving embrace or the valuable assistance from a midwife, nurse, or lactation consultant as baby latches on for the first time, connecting with the body that has nourished it for nine months in a new way, deriving superior health and developmental benefits. Weeks later, as a new mama ventures out with her newborn to new places, a breastfeeding-friendly world implies accommodating a mother in need of nursing her baby.

It means strangers walking by smile admiringly, happy to see the beautiful biological norm of a human baby feeding. It means a mother, relaxed and confident that she is supported in her new role as she provides for her baby. It means a working mother receiving support from her employer to pump breastmilk for her baby. It means a baby experiencing life as nature intended.

I have experienced such support a myriad of times in my role as a breastfeeding mother. I am grateful to all who created such breastfeeding-friendly environments.

However, I had one experience of breastfeeding mistreatment at a Pottery Barn store that led to the creation of this site – a blog that I hope will inspire and equip others to create a more breastfeeding-friendly world. I welcome you to read more about it in the About section and in “Birth of a Lactivisit,” my personal essay which appeared in the July/August 2008 issue of Mothering. I plan to gradually enrich this blog with resources and more stories about creating a breastfeeding-friendly world, and invite you to share your resources and stories too.

Thanks for visiting and come again soon.  And thanks to all of you who encouraged me to start this blog!


One thought on “Welcome to Breastfeeding Friendly

  1. I really love your blog. It’s wonderful to see such thoughtful, fruitful efforts toward positive change, all for the good of mothers and children — and therefore for all the world!

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